Kiley Barclay is a passionate bellydancer and teacher, with a background in classical ballet, and is the Principal of the Bella Bellydance School. Her love of bellydance was ignited 20 years ago when she went to her first bellydance class in Darwin. Falling in love with the music, costumes, diverse styles & femininity of this dance, and inspired by the wonderful & interesting women who are drawn to this dance, has culminated in a lifelong passion of Oriental Bellydance!

Kiley teaches just how she performs, with grace, elegance, honesty and sensuality, and with a very grounded respect and knowledge of this dance form. Her classes are relaxed, inviting, encouraging and nurturing. Kiley continues to study with many of the most admired and respected bellydance artists both in Australia, and overseas, and has travelled to Egypt and Turkey to deepen her cultural understanding of this dance. With a passion in the Egyptian style Orientale Bellydance, Kiley has trained with Egyptian master teachers, Dr Mo Geddawi, Farida Fahmy, Aida Nour, Raqia Hassan, Caroline of Cairo, Momo Kadous & Mohamad Kazafy. Key Australian teachers who have influenced Kiley are, Jrisi Jusakos, Amera, Paivi Mielikainen, Nayima Hassan & Elenie.

Kiley was a founding member of the professional bellydance troupe ‘Totally Hip’ in 2002. In 2009 she started teaching with her late Mother Dr Daphne Harber, the then Principal of the Bella Bellydance School, and is currently one of the El Haneen dancers for the Australian Arabic Orchestra. She regularly performs at private, corporate and charity events on the Sunshine Coast and Brisbane, has previously performed in Sydney and more recently in Perth with the El Haneen Dancers in a tribute concert to the highly respected dancer and master teacher, Farida Fahmy, from Egypt.

Because of Kiley and her late Mother Daphne’s shared love of bellydance, we strongly encourage mothers to come to classes with their daughters. It is a wonderful way to build a strong bond and build confidence and body awareness in teenage girls.


Diane happened upon her first bellydance class in 2008. She joined with a friend and was swept away by the movement and rhythm of the arabic music.

Her first teacher was the wonderful Dr Daphne Harber who founded the Bella Bellydance School. Daphne not only instilled in her the fundamental movements involved in Egyptian Oriental dance but also welcomed her into the embrace of the Bella Bellydance community. Diane has continued her dance education under the expert tutelage and mentorship of Kiley Barclay.

Bella Bellydance encourages its students to seek out workshops, new teachers and different styles of dance. With this in mind, Diane has studied with many talented artists such as Caroline of Cairo, Mercedes Nieto, Jrisi Jusakos, Rachel Bond, Rose Ottaviano and Päivi Mielikäinen.

In 2016 Diane danced in the cast of Bellyqueen’s Stage Show ‘Journey along the Silk Road’ and completed her teacher training with the renowned Egyptian Master teacher Dr Mo Geddawi. She has also studied Tribal fusion, Polynesian and Latin dance.

Diane is a firm believer in the power of this dance to bring women together in a safe and uplifting environment. She has experienced and witnessed the transforming effect on women from every walk of life, every age and every shape. Her classes provide students with an opportunity to move, learn, laugh and thrive.


Donna is a renowned bellydancer, teacher & choreographer on the Sunshine Coast who has taught bellydancing for 14 yrs and learned with the masters both in Australia and overseas. Donna’s first bellydance teachers’ focus was on feeling the music, as opposed to technical movements, and dancing from the heart, which permeates through her dancing. Bellydance originated as a dance of the people. A dance of spontaneity, a social dance where women danced for and with other women. A dance of the soul and heart, beating with the rhythm of the music. Donna is very passionate about this aspect of the dance & focuses on encouraging dancers to embrace the free spirit of this dance by developing improvisation, and your own unique style.

Donna has a deep knowledge of Egyptian Orientale Bellydance, and has been very strongly influenced by Dr Mo Geddawi, with whom she spent 2 weeks training with in Germany.

Donna’s teaching & dance style is fun, easy & fluid! She adds her very own unique touch to the dance – injecting lots of fun and will have you bellydancing to disco music from the 70’s as well!